Towards A More Satisfied Developer


With the growing number of tech developers working in almost all industry, the satisfactory being a tech developer becomes increasingly important among both developers and their employers.

  • What coding platforms do you mainly use?
  • How often do you work remotely?

Part I: How do years of experience relate to developers’ satisfaction

Many people start coding at a young age and gradually become professional developers.

Part II: Are there certain techniques associated with more satisfaction as a developer?

In this survey data, let’s look into the techniques of four categories: Developing Environment, Language, Database, and Platform.

Part III: What work-life style gives more satisfaction to developers?

Nowadays, developers have more flexible work-life styles. They are able to work remotely from offices, and they have access to a variety of media sources for effective communication and self-entertainment. Such flexibility add to developers’ satisfaction toward job and career. In general, developers who have the opportunity to work remotely feel more satisfied.


This article explored the factors towards a more satisfied developer based on Stack Overflow 2019 survey data. The main factors are investigated in three directions:

  1. In general, newer and more evolved techniques lead to higher job and career satisfaction among developers despite the fact that older-fashioned techniques are still more widely used.
  2. Developers have more freedom to choose their working and communication styles feel more satisfied in their job and career.

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